Monetized Youtube Channel
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Please provide the email address that you want us add as owner of this monetized channel



  • Channels are random from 2006 – 2024. You cant choose which channel or year you want.
  • Channels have at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, monetization is enabled. You can start making money immediately
  • Good for any Youtube method, epescailly Claim ID method.
  • You must provide your gmail address (this email will be added as channel owner) when check out. Channel will be transfered to this gmail, and we also provide you orginal gmail/password of monetized channel.
  • You should only buy a Monetized Youtube Channel if you already made a plan and ready to work
  • If its the 1st time you buy or dont know how to manage Monetized Youtube Channels, you can contact our supports for help and advice


  • Monetized Youtube channel will be delivered within 48 hours


  • You are responsible for all actions made on the account.
  • Always use fresh IP to log in, better not use free proxy or VPN since youtube doesnt like it.
  • Always change the password, recovery email, device activity, phone number, and enable two-step verification to protect your accounts. Only change after few days from when u 1st log in.
  • Please read the specification of the accounts before deciding to buy from our store.
  • If you are a newbie or unsure how to manage multiple YouTube channels, feel free to contact support for advice.

Refund Policy

  • If we can not deliver the order (which only happen if Youtube makes a new update), you can choose to wait or request for cancel. Dont forget to check SPAM folder in your email if you didnt receive accounts within 24 hours.
  • For large quantity, we may need more than 24 hours to prepare and deliver.
  • Youtube channels are guaranteed for 6 days until you log in. If the account is not working or banned before you log in, send us the info to inspect and replace your account. 
  • We dont replace account with "verify its you" or "unusual activity" which cause by your bad IP / VPN.