Frequently Asked Question

SMMDOGE.COM is the best social media marketing provider. We provide both social media services and accounts Compare to other SMM, we provide better services with cheaper price,since we are the real source of many online services views, likes, follower. We also provide from small to big, from new to old accounts from multi social media platform like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok... Our supporters are online 24/7, we always answer and solve your problem within few hours.

Sign up and log in: First, create an account with us. => Deposit funds: Deposit funds into your account with tons of our payment options. => Place an order: Order any service on "Service" tab or buy any account on "Product" tab that you need. We also provide some free services/ accounts so u can test our quality. => Results: Wait a bit and you will see awesome results for your orders. (For accounts, we do instant delivery or will send account to email address you provide )

The answer is YES! Buying an account or using a service is completely legal. You can save a lot of time compare with growing a channel from scratch can be a time-consuming process. All of our accounts and services are safe, confidential, and legit.

No. All our views, comments, likes and subscribers are natural. However if you are using our services and accounts to violate social media platform rules...etc then your account may get suspended

Base on the social media, there is a different way to manage accounts. We usually give instruction to teach u how to manage them properly. But the safest way, is using different IP and portable profile for each account.

A child panel is a white label reseller SMM panel. You can integrate our services into your child panel and begin selling them as your own. How to process it, please check "Child Panel" in Dashboard

The cancel or refill button sends a trigger to cancel or refill an order, it doesn't work instantly, it's just a trigger, sometimes it's too late to stop an order, and sometimes an order might not need refill Cancellation is not guaranteed. We will forward the request to our developer team and hopefully they will acknowledge the request. If its too late, we won't be able to cancel it.

If we cannot deliver what we promise, you can request for refund/replace. Please understand that our services may not work properly if Social Platform makes a new update.

We CAN only guarantee for log in details and accounts access, you get what we described. We CAN NOT guarantee for future problem like terminate, disable, strike or demonetize after we delivered.

After you purchase account from "Account List" 1. Visit "My account" tab 2. Wait up to 24 hours until your order status is "Completed". Some accounts will be instant delivery. 3. Click "View Result" 4. Copy Paste these data to log in social media platform.